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This is an informative, internal meeting page for Vaulties to express their viewpoints and questions about the combined  Yajweh Experience.  Work In Progress...


One of the only concerns that is repeatedly brought up internally, is the concern of money as it pertains to continued contact.  As a self-proclaimed advanced being that has lived on earth for 3,500+ years, we conclude that this individual must be competent enough to have various methods of survival and travel and therefore he does not actually require monetary donations.  It has been concluded at this point in time/space that this request is more likely the desperate plea of a human counterpart or a poorly designed experiment that we no longer wish to take part in.  The burden of proof now falls on the individual claiming to be Yajweh of Ibania.  The members of the vault group have significantly demonstrated that we are who we claim to be.  We desire for Yajweh to come to us.  We have proven ourselves as a group to each other with mutual satisfaction and respect.  It is sufficiently past time that Yajweh recognize us as advancing and respectfully present the current existing members with truthful information only.  We don’t need embellished stories and we don’t need perspective from any being trying to control any narrative.  We only require truth.  When Yajweh is ready to communicate with us On The Level; at that point we shall be delighted to restore contact. 


  1. Is Yaji a clone or one of many duplicates?  Is this really channeled information?

  2. Does he know of Valiant Thor and what is his connection to the 9?

  3. What do you know of the Urim & Thummim and where are they now?  Were there multiples?  Can these be recreated at present time?

  4. Connection to Zoroaster?  Same time frame approx.?  debate over time frames

  5. Gospel of Judas – Explain Immortal Realm of Barbelo, 13th demon, Angel Nebro (the Rebel - Yaldabaoth) and Saklas (the Fool) creating 12 servants of their own.  Saklas reference another name for Enki?

  6. More on contact with Gabriel

  7. Why can he not assist us in assisting disclosure?

  8. Who of the 9 is still here on Earth?  Whom else may we speak to?

  9. If someone made this up, does that person deserve to be called out?

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