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Terra (being one of many names for Earth

4th (The 4th Density we now transition to)

Second book:  TERRA 4th - In Writing Phase

I am writing the Second Book.  This one will be calm, gentle and informative.  Tentatively, the title is set to be TERRA 4th.  This term refers to the coming changes that both the Earth and Humanity will go through in very short order as we transition into the 4th Density.  I will also tell you exactly why nearly everyone who talks on this subject has it wrong.  

I will be asking many of you, my friends to contribute writing segments of your own to be included.  Ask me personally if the subjects interest you.

True History of the Earth / Terra

Understanding Archetype Human/Monkeys


The Law of One, Other Selves & Other Sources


Unity Principles / Society Levels

What is the 4th Density?

36 Alien Seed Races

Underground Bases & Secret Societies

Coming Age - Triga Yuga and the 6th Age of Man

Moral Compass

        - What can you really do?  Become 1 level Better


Pyramid Healing Chamber

Pyramid Healing Chamber

There are multiple components to this.  My theory is that if the human body and mind complexes are surrounded by or bathing in the right elements, this will trigger the bodies innate response for healing.  I further theorize that more than 1 of these healing properties must be used together in concert to trigger this affect.  It stands to reason that spending time/space of up to 30 minutes within the structure will also exponentially expand the benefits.

This project will require the following materials:

  • Light - 4 full spectum programmable lasers1 5

  • Sound - 2 or 3 oscilliscopes for generating pure tone 

  • Magnetics - A LOT of LARGE magnets

  • Crystals - 5 large granite slabs.  Provide Resonance

  • Torus - 1 crystaline pyramid topper with torus generator

  • Water - 1x 5 foot deep round water container

  • (Thick copper pipe for water tone) outside structure in circle, use to heat water also

  • NO METALS WITHIN THE STRUCTURE - may use bonding agents.

  • Speakers and amplification

  • Monitor - Devices to record medical changes

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