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5th LIFE @ 50

Parrish lives most of the time as a recluse Monk.  As a Sovereign Being, he is bound by no law made of man other than his own moral code.  Currently transitioning.  Doing exactly whatsoever it is a PA would happen to choose.  Retired from all 1st world and otherwise human/monkey nonsense problems.  My primary goals in life are now these:

Be an awesome Dad to Hampton

Become increasingly Service-to-Others

Really enjoy life and play a lot of really, disturbingly loud music

Heal myself and build something epic


4th LIFE

Puerto Rico Jan 4, 2014 - 2022 / The first 2 years I lived on the small island off the east coast called Vieques, where I worked for 2 years as the Operations and Store Manager for a full spectrum tour company and dive shop called Black Beard Sports.  I became a PADI DiveMaster and this is where my little boy "Hampton 5-Star T-Rex" was born. 

3rd LIFE

In this section we moved to Denver, CO which for me felt like home.  Here I became a professional power tool regional sales rep for both DeWALT and MAKITA brand tools.  (The Yellow ones and then the Teal ones).  I had started writing my book in AZ, but it was here and tragically only after my divorce that I was able to complete and take to publishing my first masterwork book under the partial birth & stage name ~ Parrish Douglas.

STIR IT UP - A Social Commentary on Tourette Syndrome

2nd LIFE

Phoenix AZ - Developing young radio talent.  Working multiple jobs to support my music habits.  Gaining piles and piles of life experience here.  Married in July 2001 after having lived for 10 years in the valley of the sun and never did I have a vehicle with AC!!!  Learned a lot of valuable life lessons here, then moved to Tucson AZ for 2 years where I adopted the absolute love of my life for the future 13 years, my little beagle head DAISY.  Here we started a DISH Network small business and decided to return to CO for cost saving reasons along with quality of life (at that time).

1st LIFE

Born in Abilene TX, 1970.  The oldest of 3 boys; he was a fat peaceful baby child.  However, he was to become totally skinny as a rail and borderline nerdy with superbad afro-mullet 80's hair all thought his formative school years.  Those pictures all burned in a fire.  

K - 12.  At the perfect age of 7 he was indoctrinated into STAR WARS and his Ajna Chakra was blown wide open from that point.  Father was in the Air Force and so the Family moved every few years.  He retired in Omaha NE where it was that I went through life training in school and college.  PA despises being cold so that fact alone caused him to choose to move to Phoenix after graduation, following me 6 months later his best friend and brother Admiral Robert L. Nelson II

Millard South High School - Indians

University of Nebraska at Omaha - Mavericks

Bachelor of Arts - Broadcast Production

Cognate fields: Music Performance & Spanish


Contact:   787-564-2991

Email To:  d.parroco@protonmailcom


Address:   HC - 3, Box 18351

                   Rio Grande, PR 00745

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