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Responsabierta a los candidatos por la honestidad y para devolverlo al Gobierno del Pueblo Puertorriqueño


Yo soy un individuo soberano, la vida es libre.

Uno debe conocerse antes de que puedan liderar.

El alma debe pesar contra la pluma.


Ayudar al pueblo en su lucha contra la corrupción

Arregla la Tierra / Sana los Corazones,

Convenir una Nación Ejemplo para el mundo



FARMING SUBSIDIES – We have to grow our own food.  It is unacceptable that we only produce 20% of our own food.  That is why we must call for disaster help.  In coordination with all the farming efforts, Puerto Rico must retain its status as an ecosystem with a healthy bee population.  We aim to double that population, and thus double our yields.  Encourage education programs in farming and beekeeping.

INTERNAL INFERASTRUCTURE – Learn how to properly fix roads.   Follow procedures.  Introduction of island-wide High Speed Mag-Lev Rail


BEAUTIFICATION – Re-invent the image of our island to the world.   Clean the trash, wires, cars, mattresses and junk.  Program to promote “Orgullo”   Begin to smart-bury critical power components and lines.


REVAMP TOURISM – completely redo the way Puerto interacts with our beloved visitors.  Tourism is our single most important revenue stream.   Not the largest, the most important.  Photo ops all over not just Viejo San Juan.  Produce super nice tourism map.  International sister city programs to specifically encourage tourism

DEPORTES - Give new life to PR Beisbol !!!   Leagues by Region.  Fix and promote the stadiums (contest idea for the most improved work done by the people)  Support the national Futbol team so they are ready to compete in the next games and not be ranked 151 in the world.  We are a proud nation


SITIOS ABANDONADOS - Casas to the people..  Negocios to the people.  If you want and you are willing to work for it, I want to give it to you.  All you have to do is make it pretty.  Everything else will be turned into parks or free parking!!!


RECREACION - Relocate the ZOO and Water park to a central location along the new transit lines.  Create jobs and do the right things.


ESTABLECE EL DEPARTEMENTO DE CONFIENZA -  Establish this office for elected officials as an intermediary office which is guaranteed to get reports of the public directly through to someone who can help.  Esta departamento will have the oversight of the public confidence.  It will be the local place where you can take your problems and also the future designated site for you to meet the representatives at scheduled intervals.  I vow that I will make your district representatives be seen, and that you as the people are being  heard, in a regular scheduled public accountability town hall meetings.  Every single month.  No Exceptions. 

- OPEN THE FORTELEZA and offer UNPRECEDENTED PUBLIC ACCESS for citizen town hall meetings,  

  Weekly address the nation by radio 5 minutos con PA


HONOR TAINO CULTURE – Lift them up and congratulate them for carrying on  the traditions.  Celebrate the festivals and bless the land with their gracious songs.  Is there grant funding for the tribe?  Is there a culture funding program?  How can we support you more?


CHURCHES – Is God not the heart of this country?  The Church is the heart of the community & it is time for the servants of God to show up and clean your communities.  Become involved.  Embrace those who have a need and none of us will!

POLICIA - Deservan nuestro respeto.  no more full riot gear in summer and better wages.  No 2nd jobs.  Return it to a position of honor and integrity in the eyes of the people.   Remove the fear about PR because it’s a lie

DISASTER PREPARATION -  There IS a disaster coming.  We NEED a REAL preparedness solution that the people

can see and touch, IMMEDIATELY.  This is a non-negotiable point

SISTER COUNTRIES – Initiate search for additional Sister Nations with which to prosper”


Initiate an island wide reliable system of emergency food banks


Actually teach classes in self-sustainability


Do everything in my power to re-habitat the endemic Puerto Rican Parrot naturally all over the island

Re-staff the public balnearios.  At least 1 lifeguard during daytime hours.  Jobs & Safety!!!!

Encourage Exercise & natur0pathic wellness.  Establish island wide program


SACA LA INCOMPOTENCIA - Streamline the Government Hold them all accountable via public reporting.  Mandate Competency Testing for all Senior level employees of the state.  (Regain public trust Campaign – Ongoing – Permanent)


OVERHAUL - DTOP & HACIENDA -  Fix the ongoing problem of the lanchas.  Bonusus for Public Servants will be re-directed into discretionary funds to be donated to the Dept. de Re-Public.  Work toward a better, more reliable and structured Dept de Familia.  - TEAR APART THE BUDGET AND SEARCH EVERY DEPT FOR CORRUPTION -


STATEHOOD OR FREEDOM (E.C. Dollar) – We hereby claim our Sovereignty.  We together will force the United States government to either accept us as a state or let us go to be an independent nation.   Demand that PR be allowed to conduct regular interstate commerce forcing US businesses like Amazon and other future forward online retailers to recognize that we have and use the US Postal service.  We demand equal statehood treatment across all lines. 


SHIPPING - We will together successfully remove the Logan Act completely and open our ports.   They belong to us!  Shipping is key to our survival.


HUMANITY - End Human Trafficking and Pedophilia in Puerto Rico


INSPIRE – Puerto Rican Businesses to strive for both excellence and expansion.  I will give you training and new jobs to do.  Critical services will from now on be help up. 


EXECUTIVE ORDER - Recreationalize Cannabis.  The island could generate up to $2 Billion per year.  This is now a documented fact.

ENERGIZE -  this island with new solar technologies, produced and built here in PR.  Become a leader


HEALTHCARE -  I will find a way to get free healthcare for all Puerto Ricans.  Its completely reasonable.  They must stop lying to you.  We will control costs.  I will mandate my team to find the way.  If we have citizens willing to work in travelling healthcare they deserve our utmost support.  Keeping people out of hospitals preventatively so they can enjoy their lives is our priority.


EDUCATION - Massive educational system revamp – PR educational statistics are embarrassing and that is why the world treats us poorly.  They see us as un-educate; so the responsibility lies upon ourselves to change that.


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