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​I am a humble monk in Service to Others.   I have no desire for possessions and nothing else to do but serve.

  • I have vision, I can stand against a tyrannical force, I have compassion for the every day person and the physical world life experience to know how to handle people as a leader on a global scale.


​I am a full and complete sovereign entity operating in the Violet Ray spiritual level .  I have gained a wealth of experience all over the world.  Find someone better; that is my challenge to the people.  I speak directly.  I act directly.  That is one quality, which is required if you want to make change.

  • I have the Abundance Mentality, all Boricuas inherently are grateful and recognize their daily blessings.   It is time that we all reflect that gratitude.  I will show you how.

  • Exceptional Inter-personal Communications


The election system is not only for the rich.  It is unjust to force a candidate to pay to be on the ballot, and potentially illegal.

THEY have money, we do not.  WE have to take the country back the hard way.  WE ALL have to show up and I am calling on you to come stand right next to me!  I will give you times and places.  You hold a rally and I will come.  I am calling on every Puerto Rican in the world to repost this entire message to all of your platforms.  Stand up an be counted.  Unite with your brothers and sisters and we will show the world!!! 

All humans want the same basic things, shelter, safety and food for their families.  A better life for their children.  That is all


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