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In order that open contact may occur in the preferred peaceful manner, humans must first accept that we are nearly at the bottom of the list of sentient beings in the cosmos.  Not only does life exist outside of Earth, but every single paradigm we were taught to believe has been a lie.  They do not want or need anything from humans that they cannot take.  We assume therefore the various missions to Terra to be of the predominantly peaceful nature.

If we desire contact, then we must make ourselves acceptable first.  This should be of no surprise to anyone.  So in this light, by declaring yourself on this space, you are stating as a matter of public record that you believe yourself to be ready for this contact and able to drop what you are doing on this Earth and be able to act as a liaison when and where contact with Extra/Inner-Terrestrial beings make themselves available to us for interspecies open communication.

We are the Vault

Parroco - NM

Tooga - WA

Levar - NV

Charles - NY

Rebecca - MA

Ahmad - DC

Eric C. - IL ?

Robby - CA

Catherine - WA

Marika - Canada BC

Ben - Canada BC

Lucas - Canada East

Andrew - Canada East

Robin - Sweden

Rawclaw - Denmark

Vincenzo - Italy

Mitzuker - Italy

Ryle - New Zeland

Jakob - Iceland

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