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        YAJWEH STORY            AUDIO & LINKS            AMBASSADORS

This page exists an abbreviated form of the story of a being called Yajweh.  This is not our collective story and we are not presenting it as fact.  This is a story told to small group of people here on Earth about 9 Extra-Terrestrial beings that came to Earth in an attempt to course correct humanity into a better way.  You are invited to decide for yourself. 

We were all sent to work on instructing the people we were sent to in some sort of, what you would now term as religion. We always spoke of it as the way of thinking, we wanted to change the way of thinking. We want to elevate the people here on Delta Sol to a higher plane so that they are ready to receive the knowledge that’s available to them.” – Yajweh of Ibania


1. NEEYA Navigator – Planet Guno, Orion.  …His family were like the mariners of old. They had explored every section of this galaxy. There was nothing you could talk about that Neeya had not seen personally. No matter where he was, he could get his bearings by looking around at the stars. It bothered him when he first came here to Earth, during the day. He was the one that was chosen and sent to the Mayans.

2. TEEFEE Courtesan – Ibanian.  She was very much a she. Teefee came to Earth on the mission as Nefertiti to the Egyptians & existed in Egypt for a long time. She taught in a special area of the university that dealt with courtesans, beings whose purpose was to be a good listener, a good person to talk to for beings who were in positions of high authority.  Teefee was an expert at getting people to open up, to begin dialogue. Teefee was able to exist in Egypt in the company of the pharaohs. The pharaohs were genetically modified by they’re choice. Teefee was able to be surrounded by narcissism and ego and not fold under pressure.  She did very well on her mission. She was able to shift the course of human history in a very unique and powerful manner.  Worked extensively with Namoe & claims to have been at the birth at the Nativity.

3. LOCARE (Latin for To Be Put In Place) Number 3…I always refer to (him as) # 3. Locare was kind of the nerd of our group. Expert on alternative power sources. Very by-the-book.  He was sent to Atlantis. Locare’s mission was probably the most difficult because he knew he would have the shortest amount of time with which to affect change. The Atlanteans had developed a power source based on crystals. Crystals are able to harness and direct specific frequencies that can then be used to generate power. Locare’s job, was to assist the Atlanteans so that they didn’t go too far. Locare made it to the Azores, which were on the edge & mostly flooded.  He lived there for hundreds of years until he went to France where he is now. He works at CERN now and that’s common knowledge in my community.


4. SOONTZEE: Military Strategist – Arcturian.  Sent to China.  Part of a species in the galaxy that craves conflict; “to weed out the weak by only allowing the strong to survive”.  Came from a very different culture than the rest of us. He had killed a lot of people/beings. Their planet was very sparsely populated.  They never interfered with anybody else, it was only on their planet.  China, even in the old days, had a very large population. It was a society constantly ripped apart by power struggles and war.  He needed to be able to show them some uniform rules of fighting with honor.  Soontzee brought his ability to get the enemy to choose not to fight you at all.  Possible father of many Chinese people.  He really has done everything and more that he was sent here to do.


5. HOONYA: Astrologist – From 1 of the Outer Worlds.  Male but kind of an ambiguous life form – androgynous. Hoonya was sent to Peru, the Incan civilization there flourished for thousands of years. He was very instrumental in the building of and evacuation of Machu Picchu around 1,400 AD, common era.  A very interesting individual. He…you have to understand that astrology.  when he first came to the Incans, didn’t really fit in really well. He reminds me a lot of Rasputin.  Very eccentric in both his mannerisms and his way of speaking.  About 600 years ago, Machu Picchu was enveloped with was later determined to be radioactive energy.


6. AWA: Scout/Survival Specialist - Pleadian.  Sent up north, to what was then the Viking kingdoms and teach them some civility. They were, in our team’s view, barbaric culture in a lot of regard, and didn’t understand their potential for good on the planet.  He was very used to living in solitude in extreme conditions, an expert in survival. A very large individual, by traditional terms, very handsome, very rugged, blonde hair, blue eyes, between six, seven feet, very muscular and just gave an intimidating air about him.  I had heard legends of a Viking God who could snide enemies with one fell swoop.  Probable forefather of many Inuit peoples; the aboriginal people of northern Canada. I spent a lot of time in Siberia over the years and saw what I believed to be his influence, his way of conducting business…influence in that culture.


7. YAJWEH: Negotiator/Arbitrator.  Sent to Crete & Minoan society circa 1500 BCE.   Arrived 5 years before disaster.  Then went to Jerusalem for 100 years before he met Moses.  Plucked from studies by the 7th Emperor of Nibiru because he has the ability to step back and see both sides. His reward for what he is doing will be given to me “when I complete what it is I was sent here to do, and that is the purpose of these tapes as the people of Earth are given the opportunity to join the galactic community, of which they are already a part”.  Expert in interstellar anthropology; fascinated by different cultures, in particular, ancient rituals throughout the galaxy.  Able to sometimes quell disagreements.  Claims to have spoken with Angel Gabriel.  In Earth years he would be about 117,000 years old.


8. NAMOE: Anthropologist – Planet Han (Home of the Ancients).  Sent to Africa; he was strictly a cultural anthropologist.  Read for many years in Timbuktu.  Namoe existed for a long time with the Dogon tribe. Namoe had studied so much culture & had been in his field for a long time. He was very vocal. He was a very in-your-face, individual, who would tell people in no uncertain terms that in order for cultures to be successful long-term, they had to figure out balance and how to live in harmony with Everything.   It could be done by following a few simple rules. Ability to explain things well & in local dialect.


9. YESHUA: Planet Kroea (Krodian)  Refugees from Lyran wars.  Put through tests at birth for learning.  Extreme polarity within the culture.  Yeshua was always, instantly you could tell, charismatic, eloquent, a very good orator. You felt this passion emanating from him; this love, this warmth, this vibe that he emanated. Yeshua is not one sex or the other. Yeshua’s species doesn’t procreate that way. Yeshua’s species long, long ago became aware of an ancient ritual they call Nonga; that…people enter a trance, sometimes for years at a time, to go into the Akashic record. They seek balance…to go back and make amends for past transgressions, to go forward and strive for a better future by laying the groundwork / the road map for others. He was the most interested of all of us in the Emperor’s idea to bring the idea of religion to the peoples of Earth, this idea that there was a rhyme and reason.

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